The Western islands is a RPG campaign world that uses Pathfinder rules. The setting is a group of islands on the western coast of a large desert continent. Unlike many RPG campaigns the world is based on ancient classical cultures rather than medieval stuff. There are no knights, plate armour, or orcs. Instead the world is loosely based on ancient Carthage, Spain and Africa, with quite a bit of monsters and magic as well.

The campaign takes place among islands off the coast of a large desert continent. The islands are ruled by several independent kingdoms. The Mazikeen are the dominant human culture in the islands and the desert on the mainland.

To the north is a large maritime trading empire called Chum Cha’aka. Centred around a city of the same name, the Chum rule the northern seas with a fleet of huge galleys. They are perpetually at war with various pale skinned northern barbarians, many of whom, when captured, end up as slaves in the Islands.

To the south, the climate is less arid but hotter, and there are several kingdoms where the dominant people, the Manada, are fishers and farmers.

Non Human races include:
Gnolls, large humanoid hyena things who roam in the desert areas and on Khusin island, taking slaves and robbing travellers.
The mysterious Lizard Folk who live in the interior of most of the islands, and avoid humans.
Sahuagin, or sea devils, who are water breathing humanoids who ambush and kill unwary sailors and fisherfolk in the shallow coastal seas.
Goblins, nasty little scavengers who infest most rubbish dumps in the main cities.
Tengu, feathered humanoids who live in the fringes of cities, buying and selling junk, and often competing with goblins for living space.

We play in Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand, weekly for now anyway.

The current characters are a bunch of rogues, adventurers, and escaped slaves who are in the employ of a noblewoman from the south called Hexena, who has hired them to investigate rumours of a sorcerer’s treasure hidden in caves on the island of Winsen. The mission is complicated by the fact that the Winsen authorities want their escaped slaves back.

The Western Islands

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