The Western Islands

A reunion dinner goes horribly wrong

Session 20

The party meet up as agreed on the night of the full moon for a dinner at the Black Lobster Inn. Everyone is there except Inky. No one is worried, he is often late.

Edo the Innkeeper suggests the Reefclaw Roast. ReefClaw are large dangerous crustaceans and only the rich can afford to eat one so the party order Reefclaw and retired to a private room for the evening.

Perex tells the group about his adventures and proposes that the group think up a plan to break Marhal elQadey out of the city prison, to claim the huge reward. As the party discuss this, Anazar uses a vial of white powder to create a circle on the floor around the table. He says a few magic words and claims this is a protective spell he has recently learnt.

Halfway through the dinner, Anazar goes out to the toilet, He discovers the slaveboy, Med, near the door and possibly listening in on the party’s plans (which by this stage involve a definite plot to break a prisoner out of jail). Anazar quickly grabs Med and cuts his throat. He drags the body into an adjoining room and locks the door. Then he climbs out the window and back through into the party’s room, warm blood still dripping from his hands. The party are horrified and a shouting match begins. The dinner is abandoned and the party all decide to sneak out the window and get away before the body (and bloody hallway) is noticed. The argument continues as the party run through the streets of the city.

They decide to split up and meet in the morning. Horatio and Kimara have second thoughts and decide to go back and tell the innkeeper that Anazar killed Med. There is uproar at the inn, and Kimara and Horatio are taken to a nearby Inn to sleep until morning when a proper investigation will begin.



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