The Western Islands

After the Party

These updates are way behind so this summary is even briefer than usual.
After the disastrous military parade. Juntti, Kimara and Perex attend the official banquet at the Temple of Baal Cha’aka. They meet and mingle with the elite of the city and Perex is presented with a small ivory elephant sculpture as a token of gratitude from the city for his part in the military campaign against the town of Owey.

The next day they go to see Hassan the architect to arrange for his trip to the islands so he can build a palace for the party’s janni friends. To cut a long story short, it turns out he is being blackmailed by a woman called Constanza. She is forcing him to be a spy for her (unknown) employer, and therefore he is unable to go to the islands until the problem is solved. The party promises to investigate and quickly find themselves in a fight with a small boy in the street who turns out to be a doppelganger. Juntti heals the monster before it dies and they tie it up and lock it in the basement of Hassan’s house.

Meanwhile, Anazar goes to see his Uncle Sidrah, and asks him to help get him out of town. They both notice a strange invisible ball following Anazar and decide, rightly, that someone is using magical means to spy on him. They split up and attempt to get away from it. The ball follows Anazar as he runs through the town, mugs a passing local and steals his purse and papers. He goes to Sidrahs house and offers the money and papers to him. Sidrah points out that the guy was a local magistrate, and mob is roaming the street outside looking for a mugger. Next morning Sidrah takes Anazar to the docks (red cloak and new clean clothes) and gets him a job as a sailor on a ship leaving port that day. Anazar leaves the city and disappears. . .

Inky continues his adventures in the desert chasing gnolls.

Back in town, Perex, Kimara and Juntti lie low at Hassans house, and once the doppelganger has recovered sufficiently, interrogate it and discover it is called Zinn. Zinn tells them how to find Constanza. They meet her at a market, posing as Zinn and his prisoners, but she is suspicious and leaves. They follow her back to her house which is above a pigsty. They smash their way into the pigsty compound and get into a big fight with her retainers and a giant pig. The fight is going quite well for the party until Kimara is suddenly captured by one of the thugs and a giant toad creature. Swords are dropped and negotiations take place. Kimara will stay with Constanza at the pigsty, and Zinn will return with Juntti and Perex, while they figure out how to satisfy Constanza’s need for information on the Zarakas family (Hassan was being made to spy on them for her) so that Hassan is free to go south with the party. Kimara and Constanza get along nicely and by the next day Constanza has invited Kimara to stay with her at her country house.

Zinn ends up staying with Perex and Juntti for several weeks while they meet up with Inky, and go into the southern desert border to investigate sightings of wagarra the gnoll queen. They end up uncovering a plot by Saeed of Owey who is in hiding at the gnoll fort, and somehow getting into a fight with several ghouls. . He is trying to do a deal and convince the men of Two Ridge village to provide aid to the Owey rebellion. There is a fight. Wagarra the gnoll is killed immediately, Saeed’s top officer is captured and the villagers agree to le the party leave with the prisoner and half of Saeed’s money in return for not telling the Chum nobles of the village’s part in the failed plot. The day after the party leaves all of them start getting really sick as the infections carried by the ghouls start to flower. They end up stuck in bed in a small village at the mercy of a local Baal priest. He wants to know what on earth they have been doing and who the prisoner is. They manage to convince him they are working on behalf of the Chum government so he heals them and lets them take their prisoner back to the city.



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