The Western Islands

Flashback to the Age of Magic

while all the party were split and travelling alone, we decide to do a quick reunion session and play a game of Microscope. We used the same modified version of Microscope that we used in the first session, with less rolepaying to make the history go quicker. This time we had three players turn up and we explored the Age of Magic in our campaign world. In the regular campaign, severl of the PCs are (independently of each other), about to come across information about the distant past of the world.

We could explore this period in the deep distant past without disturbing any recent history. Our start period was the discovery of magic by the elves, and our end period was the collapse of the pre human civilisations and the rise of the humans. I added that the end period was during a great warming with sea levels rising and masive climate change. This matches the same period in our first Microscope session about the western Islands area, and took place about 500-1000 years before the current campaign.

Here is what we came up with:

Big Picture
The Age of Magic. Elves, Dwarfs and Giants create civilisations in an age where humans live in small scattered farms and villages.

The cloud Castle
The dwarfs
Implications of magic use
Athadorus the Giant
The Rise of man

Andrew: Dark Elves rising
Mark: The Sky Wound (a big quarry)
Dave: Rajok the dodgy Dwarf
Mark again: Bolgath the redeemed (A giant brother of Athadoros)

Starting Period: The elves learn magic

The gift: a meteor lands on earth containing a being made of light. It is good and it is magic.
The elf Theron approachs the light and is taught the secret of magic. The other elves fear and reject him.
Theron spends years in the wilderness He passes magic on to who ever will follow him, a range of creatures, probably faerie centaurs goblins and forest creatures. A hint of darkness

Period: Golden Age of the elves (LIGHT)

The elderly Theron traps the light in a glass case inside a cave somewhere (DARK)
The light curses Theron. Curse one, Theron will live forever but be miserable and unhappy undead. Curse two, prophecy the elves will fall and the humans will rise.

Period: Great diaspora of the elves (DARK)

The Great Pox (DARK)

  • Scene: elf city on a glacier. Why did some elves decide to worship a demon queen? Answer she offered them immunity from the pox in return for adoration (DARK)
    The giant King travels to the plane of Air to learn how to build a cloud castle (LIGHT)

Period: Long Dark night, war between the elves and the Dwarfs (DARK)
*Period: The Reign of Stone. Elves in decline, giants leave Dwarfs build a stable and long lasting civilisation in the mountains. They become aware of the floating castle in the distance but never figure out what it means (LIGHT).

Dwarfs sell giants a huge mountain, cut it into blocks and have to hire the crazy elf wizards to help do this (LIGHT)

  • Scene: The magic at the core of the castle becomes corrupt due to defective elves the flying castle has leprosy disease. Does anyone find out? Yes the giants discover the flaw but ignore of delay it so they can gain power short term. The problem will emerge in the distant future so they don’t care. (DARK)
  • Groth the dwarf discovers the dodgy magic too. He tells the Dwarf King. Kujak convinces the king to ignore the risk and dispose of Groth instead. Groth manages to escape and flees into exile. He goes to live with the good elves. (LIGHT)
  • Kujak the dodgy dwarf attempts to plot against the king, this results in a civil war which ends the reign of stone. (DARK)
  • A human called Gorash saves the life of a dwarf King and is rewarded he learns secrets and starts a noble lineage (LIGHT)

*Period: Epic war of the giants (DARK)
Early life of Athadorus. He is born in the cloud castle where his parents live. (LIGHT)

  • Why does Athadorus father name Ath as heir despite him being only a small child and not being eldest son? Answer: Because an elf wizard prophesised that if the first son of the castle owner ever inherits they will be cursed. (LIGHT)

Older Brother Bolgath is 100yrs older and his resentment finally boils over. He does a deal with a Genie who seals athadorus into a tower in the castle. Bolgath then breaks off the tower. This increases the rate of rot in the castle, it speeds and spreads the rot.

Athadorus recaptures the castle with the help of elves and exiles Boldath.

The rock giants rise up and allied with dark elves they attempt to bring down the cloud castle. (DARK)

Bolgath the giant redeems himself and goes to the far south to set up a kingdom with no magic. (LIGHT)

The rock giant’s rebellion ends in failure. The giant’s eyes go black and they retreat underground.(LIGHT).

The cloud castle is used to destroy the palace of the storm giants (DARK)

  • Why did Athadorus allow the castle to be used to commit great evil against the storm giants? Answer: The evil corruption that has been in the castle from the beginning was now strong enough to become sentient and had taken over. The castle was now alive and evil. Athadorus is now a prisoner inside his own castle. (DARK).

A group of dwarfs are enslaved by some giants. They escape and their leader shows them a way to a new land in the north (LIGHT).

Pox of Stone. The sentient cloud castle starts to rot. The rot affects dwarf cities too. Someone has opened a bad door? (DARK).

*Period: Collapse of the old Empires. Sea levels rise and glaciers melt, massive climate change over a few centuries. (DARK).
The big quarry sky wound, attracts monsters and magic, it is abandoned and cursed avoided by all right thinking folk (DARK).

The biggest and oldest elf city is abandoned as the sea levels rise., this is the fulfilment of the prophecy and the end of the elven empire.

A heroic human uses magic to fly up to the castle and discover great magic (GOOD).

Kallum Barak discovers fallen bits from the sky castle and founds a kingdom (GOOD)

Humans start taking over, scrabble for old tech/knowledge from the elves and dwarves who are pushed further to the fringes. The first human empires rise. (GOOD).

Rajun el Waki finds ancient ruins shards of the castle? Starts talking to demons and begins a deviant cult (DARK). Western Islands?


the formatting has gone all wonky. I might fix it another day. meanwhile, 500 years later, the players are wandering around getting into trouble.

Flashback to the Age of Magic

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