The Western Islands

Rampaging Elephants in a crowded street

session 21

The next morning a mob of staff and guests from the Black Lobster are waiting outside the Inn where Horatio and Kimara stayed the night. They demand to be taken to Anazar so he can be arrested for destruction of property (namely one 17yr old male slave called Med, replacement value 200gp).

Horatio takes the mob to the temple in the centre of the city, while Kimara slips out invisibly and goes to find Anazar at the Six Snails Inn. She eventually finds him making potions in the brothel next door. He refuses to come with her and leaps out a window, leaving only a puff of smoke and flames. She goes to the temple to meet Horatio.

Meanwhile Perex, who slept at the barracks, also turned up at the Six Snails. He talks to Uncle Sidrah who tells him what he knows. Perex returns to his barracks so he can prepare for his victory parade at noon.

Meanwhile, Anazar goes to the docks and gets himself hired as a casual labourer, unloading a ship. He gives himself a haircut and shave, he also pays a dude to punch him in the face in order to change his appearance.

At the temple Horatio talks with a priestess call Arishana, and then negotiates with a bouncer from the Black Lobster Inn, and pays him 200gp compensation for the death of Med.

At noon, everybody goes to see Perex ride his elephant at the victory parade for the War of Owey. Perex is at the head of his army unit, with the prisoner in chains in front of them.
Everything is happy and glorious until Anazar shows up. He has talked a group of his new workmates into coming to the parade and as the elephants pass him, he throws an alchemy bomb in front of them. One of the elephants panics and charges into the soldiers. Chaos breaks out as the crowds flee in terror. Kimara and Horatio manage to get away unharmed but at least ten people are killed before the handler manages to kill his elephant. Anazar magically disguises himself and slips away in the chaos. The prisoner, Marhal El Qadey, manages to escape in the confusion. Perex drives his elephant forward down the empty street and into a side street. His big day is ruined so he sits on the elephant by himself and gets really drunk.

That night Kimara, Perex and Horatio all meet at the barracks. The banquet planned for the evening is still going ahead. The prisoner has been recaptured an hour or two after he escaped. The Chum govt assume the bomb was part of an escape plan and are investigating. Several dock workers have given them a description of a man calling himself “Omar”, who threw the bomb. Various wizards are investigating him.



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