The Western Islands

Sailing to Tedleesi

The next few months are spend resting and training. Hassan the architect has assembled all his equipment and is ready to sail. He hires space on the Jade Eagle, a merchant ship owned by Habib. He is a regular on the trade routes between Chum city and the Western islands, and the party met him in Tedleesi last year. ship.jpg

Kimara says she will be spending the next six months or so with the genies studying magic on the Plane of Air. She wants Perex and Juntti to sail on the ship with Hassan as soon as Perex has finished training with Constanza. Inky decides to stay in the north as Chopper wouldn’t really like being cooped up on a ship for months, and Habib and his crew would like it even less. After a month of waiting for the winds, the ship sets sail for the Western Islands. On board, Juntti spends the nights staring at and studying the stars, and Perex takes up fishing, becoming quite good at catching large sharks and marlins. After two months of travel, the ship arrives at Akod and Amiat and sails into port at Tedleesi. Juntti activates the Jann amulet, alerting Kimara that the ship has arrived, and the sailors throw ropes and tie up the Jade Eagle at the docks of Tedleesi.



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