The Western Islands

splitting up for a while

After the big dungeon crawl at Tebber Suk, the party went back to Chum city to rest up. Everyone agreed to do their own thing for a few weeks but this soon stretched into months. Inky and Perex signed up as mercenaries and joined a fleet of reinforcements sailing to the Island of Mazzata, where Chum forces have been battling the Bosregi for control of the island in a decade long war. Juntti and Kimara took two rescued slaves into the city and Junti contacted the House of Harbo and admitted he was an escaped slave but that he had found the lost sword of Bazru. Lord Bomak Harbo examined the sword and after a conversation (with the sword) decided Juntti should be freed without punishment. He is now funding and supporting Juntti’s efforts to seek out and destroy the cult of the worm.



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