The Western Islands

Summer in Rakos

In Mezzatta, Perex and Inky fought under the Chum General Carthalo el Garbee. They took part in a small sea battle, capturing the Bosregi wizard Pompus Kram. They were given a house at the Chum Naval base in the town of Drep on Mezzatta. From there they led a small scouting mission up the nearby mountain where they killed the Kroso the giant.
Their next mission was to scout ahead on land as Chum fleet sailed along the southern coast of Mezzatta looking for the Bosregi fleet. Doing this they met Chum agents in local towns and fought several Bosregi patrols. They took a wrong turn and walked into a haunted beach one night and were attacked by undead. They escaped but were forced to backtrack to the nearest town and find a healer. In Jirgent, the elf Thelamina healed them on condition that they go and look for her daughter Jathar. Inky agreed to be geased as payment for the healing. As a result Perex and Inky were several days march away when the Chum fleet collided with the Bosregi fleet and won a huge sea battle using powerful magic. Perex and Inky were chased by a Bosregi officer and strange barbarian men whose bodies vanished when they were slain. Eventually they reached the north coast of Mezzatta where Perex returned to Chum to find Kimara, and Inky travelled north with Sot the local ranger, looking for Jathar. Inky found Jathar at her father’s tower on a small island called Lipo.

Meanwhile, Kimara and Juntti relaxed in the Chum city, and did a bit of research into the worm cult and the history of the Harbo family. When Perex returned, they returned to Tebber Suk and explored the lower level of the dungeon. Kimara accidently made contact with the worm when she tried to activate a magical stone sphere she found. Everyone escaped with their sanity, and some more cash.

One day, Perex and Juntti were drinking beer in the courtyard at Harbo House, when a visitor arrived. Theodith Dismith, a rug merchant from Rakos, claimed to be looking for info on the Harbo family and its connection to the family of his fiancé Sheeda Dromo. Juntti realised that the Dromo family were descended from Zethus Dromo, the man who died at Tebbersuk many years ago. Before he could ask many questions, and Invisible Stalker grabbed Theodith and ripped his head off in the courtyard. Perex and Juntti tried to hit it but it escaped. Juntti then saw old man Sabu standing and laughing at them.

Lord Harbo arranged for the city wizards to help investigate the murder of Theodith, and when a wizard scryed on Sheeda Dromo, he discovered that she was being held prisoner. Perex and Juntti were teleported to Rakos city by Mooxas, a Chum Wizard. There they investigated the kidnapping of Sheeda and discovered the main suspect in her disappearance and the murder of Theodith was a wizard called Ramid who was allied to an efreeti called Sekheniya. In Rakos they met a priest called Kalesius who spoke Chum and agreed to accompany them. Kalesius was helping a jann who was also looking for Sekheniya, so they all converged on Ramid’s base in a small village outside the city of Rakos. Kimara and Akhdar flew in to join them and they party assaulted the hideout. Ramid was blown to bits by a lightning bolt and his followers all surrendered or were killed. The party discovered that there was a portal to the plane of fire under the village temple so they went through, had a fight with some little fire people called Azer, and then found Sheeda and freed her from her prison cell. The Jann with them transported the entire party back to earth and they appeared on a beach on the coast of the Kashta Sea, hundreds of miles south of Rakos. Luckily Kalesius recognised the area and had a magical folding boat. After a few weeks they made it back to the city.

Mooxas had long since returned to Chum so the party found a place to stay in a warehouse owned by Kalesius’s mother Raisa. They investigated further and discovered that Sekheniya was still looking for Sheeda. A meeting was arranged and to cut a long story short, the party ended up in a huge fight with Sekheniya in a field on the edge of the city. There was fire, flying carpets, a charging elephant and eventually the death of Sekheniya the twelve foot high flaming genie..

Inky misses all of this because he is still on a small island talking to elves.



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