The Western Islands

Summer Sun part two

The party have decided to split up and do their own thing, having a relaxing break from each other in the city.
Kimara floats off for a few weeks with Akhdar. They spend a few weeks on the plane of elemental Air with the Djinn, Asnan el Reeh, in the floating palace. The Djinn teachs Kimara a few spells.

Inky is sick of humans and decides to spend time with a group of Tengu who run a crematorium just outside the city. Each day he helps them to the chamberpot run. They pull a large cauldron on wheels around the streets each morning and householders come out and pour the contents of the chamberpots into it. The tengu use the collected pee for tanning and other industrial uses. Inky meets a tengu elder who asks him to go and track down the base of a group of gnolls in the desert. The gnolls are known to be working with the local government in some sort of crime deal. Recently they killed two tengu. Inkys job is to locate the lair and report back alive. Inky spends a week looking for the gnolls in the desert. He eventually runs into a group of them, defeats them, and tracks a lone survivor to the lair. Unfortunately by the time he has found the lair, he is out of food and water, and the gnoll sentries spot him . . .

Perex is hanging with chum soldiers. He trains under Panos of Nellos, a mercenary captain working for the Chum army. He goes on a mission with Yeshu Zil (a noble youth) and they lead (on elephants) 100 men in an attack on a small fort where the lord of Owey is hiding. Perex chases the Lord all night and all day and finally captures him in the desert. The Lord, Marhal elqadey, is brought back to Chum in chains, but not before offering Perex a huge amount of money to arrange an escape.

Horatio goes wandering, visiting the sites of two large battles he fought in as a youth, before he was captured and enslaved by the Chum. He sees and hears ghosts at one site, and on his return to the city, he has a dream which leads him to the beach where he sees an angel. The angel speaks to him and Horatio returns to the group with divine powers, He says he now follows a mysterious sky goddess who lives in the stars.

Anazar leaves the group and makes contact with a few nasty characters from his youth. He spends a few weeks with a “dirty midget” who teachs him how to use poison and make alchemy bombs. He returns to the group with a satchel full of vials and bottles, and newfound magical skills.



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