The Western Islands

The death of Waseek

Back in Chum the party have a short break and go their separate ways for a few weeks. Inky stays at the crematorium with his Tengu friends and spends his time getting to know Chopper his giant hyena

Kimara spends time at the Chum school of wizardry, doing research into the sorcerers of the islands. While she is there Bitzen casts a scrying spell for her, which allows her to see and speak to her mother Hexena. Hexena is safe and well and living in a town called Samakeelah at the northern end of Khusin. Juntti falls in love with Helga, a barbarian slave who is employed as the door person at the school.

One evening the party are visiting Bitzen at the wizardry school when Juntti and Perex spot a familiar figure in the courtyard. They immediately attack Waseek the filthy and a violent fight breaks out with people on both sides using magic and flying around the courtyard. Juntti leaps of the roof of a building and falls with his full weight, onto Waseek knocking him out. Waseek is taken prisoner and removed to a secure underground prison at the wizards school.

The next morning, the wizards council meets to decide on the fate of the party members who started a fight in the courtyard. After hearing witnesses they decide in favour of the party and they are free to go. Juntti stays and helps guard Waseek, while Kimara and Perex go and find Inky and look for Waseeks rooms. They take two junior wizards with them and find an Inn called the Golden Goblin, where Waseek’s rooms are guarded by two young men. The two men quickly admit that they work for a criminal gang and have no interest in fighting for Waseek now that he is near death. Entering the rooms, Kimara is attacked by a monstrous cloaker that wraps and suffocates her. It emits a hideous moaning that causes Perex, Inky, and the wizards to flee in terror. Perex even wets his pants as he is running away (If only Anazar was there to see it). Kimara manages to cast all her remaining spells and drive the cloaker off. It crashes through the wall of the Inn and flaps up and over the rooftops as Kimara collapses exhausted in the room. After a rest and a quick change of underpants, the room is searched and several small items of magic are taken before the party return to the wizards school.cloaker4e.jpg

The next day, Kimara returns to the Golden Goblin to look for more clues. She finds a strange man in the rooms, apparently also looking for clues. He says his name is Sabu. He is elderly and ragged looking but has a very very threatening manner. Juntti casts a detect evil spell on him and is immediately knocked unconscious as the power of the evil in Sabu overcomes him. Kimara and Juntti quickly leave the empty rooms.

Later that day KImara and Juntti get word that Waseek is awake so they go down to the prison to interrogate their prisoner. While they are there they tell Waseek about Sabu and he looks terrified. He explains that Sabu is a demon and has been sent to kill him. The worm cult does not accept failure. Kimara and Juntti reassure Waseek that he is in a secure and magic proof prison protected by powerful magic and dozens of guards. Just then, Sabu, the creepy old man, appears inside the prison, knocks several guards aside, runs through the magic barrier and seizes Waseek from his bed. Sabu knocks Juntti over and flees through the magic barrier carrying a screaming Waseek. Once he is outside the barrier, Sabu is able to use magic again and sets off a magical vortex. Kimara and Juntti run towards Sabu and are caught up in the vortex. A few seconds later they find themselves in a cold wintery landscape surrounded by snow covered mountains. Sabu is holding a semi-conscious Waseek in front of a stone altar. Behind him are three dead trees, each with a tattered child’s corpse hanging from its branches. Sabu grins at the heroes and tells them he is going to torture and kill Waseek and they are welcome to watch but if they interfere he will be forced to hurt them. Juntti prepares to attack Sabu but Kimara holds him back. Sabu just grins, daring Juntti to attack him. Kimara points her fingers and Waseek and blasts him with a bolt of electricity, putting him out of his misery. Sabu looks deeply disappointed as Kimara and Juntii walk away. They wander through the snow for a few hours and, having figured out that they are in the mortal world and not in some demon hell, they use the Jann amulet to call Akhdar and get a lift back to the elemental plane of Air for a rest at the genie palace, and then a short flight back to Chum city.



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