The Western Islands

The ruins at Tooka

The party meet up in Tedleesi and organise the building of the Mansion for the Jann. Then Perex and Juntti arrange to be flown north again by Azraq one of the Jann. He drops them in the northern desert and they spend a week or so walking to civilisation. Somehow they end up robbing a small temple and stealing some horses. Then in Chum, they meet up with Inky and a strange foreign gentleman called Maha who is also investigating the ruins at Tooka and offers to accompany them. They also hire a wizard named Ezrina and two mercenaries called Hogar and Bogar, before setting off to the ruins of Tooka.

They set up base in the village of New Tooka and make several expeditions into the dungeons beneath the ruins. On the third night, vargouille from the ruins, attack the Inn where they are staying. During the fight they discover a local rich farmer called Zulpan in their room. They fight him and discover he is possessed by a strange creature that resembles a large brain with four clawed legs. The creature had eaten Zulpan’s brain and moved into his skull.

The next morning they rush Ezrina to the nearest town as she has been infected with the curse of the vargouille. Inky joins the locals in investigating the House of Zulpan and they discover that the monster has tortured and slaughtered his entire family and many of his slaves. The others reach Tebber Suk, and take Ezrina to the temple. While they are there an escaped slave rides into the market and starts slaughtering people. The party rushes to help and realises that the slave has been possessed by the brain beast. After the slave is killed and the mess is cleaned up, the party explain to the town authorities that the brain beast is responsible for all the carnage and is still on the loose. That evening Kimara walks into town and re-joins the party. The town priest, Vamook, agrees to help them and the next day they set off to the ruins hoping to corner the beast inside.

The next day they re-enter the ruins and manage to corner and kill the brain beast. Then they break into a mummy’s tomb and loot all the treasure, but Maha is badly hurt. When they come out of the dungeon later that afternoon, they give some of the loot to Vamook who returns to town with it. The party then re-enters the dungeon and finds two slaves that were taken by the beast, as well as a magic sword. They are rescued and the party decides to leave for the hills with the treasure and the two slaves rather than return to town and risky questions about Juntti’s status as a runaway slave.


The next morning, the party wake up at their campsite in the hills and discover that Maha is really really sick. Inky diagnoses the illness as Mummy rot, a curse that can only be cured by serious divine magic. Maha needs to get to Tebber Suk and Vamook TODAY or he will die. So the problem for the PCs is, do they return to town next session, or do they send H and B to take him back on the wagon, and drop him off, while the party carries on and avoids the town.

The ruins at Tooka

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