freed slave


Amea is a slim black woman aged about twenty years. She wears loose scruffy brown robes and has long dreadlocks. She is tough, sarcastic and very good with a sword.


She was born in Manada lands but captured and enslaved when she was 12. Since then she has been exploited and abused by several different masters of varying cruelty, mostly rich men on the island of Khusin. For some reason she will not tell, her last master sold her to a dealer who onsold her to the Li Harbo town public slave service. She became a cook and cleaner for the other slaves and had been there nearly a year when Anazar, Inkfeather and Perex broke in and freed all the slaves in the barracks.

She has been free for over a month now and has been living and working at the groups basecamp in the mountains of Winsin Island. She has decided to stick with Perex and the others for now. They seem to know what they are doing, and the only other option is a return to a life of slavery.


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