Dashing young pirate


Rogue L.5, alchemist L.1, uses a dagger.


Anazar is a mazikeen sailor. He was born on the mainland but when he was a child his home town was engulfed by war, and he and his older sister were captured and enslaved. They were both sold to a Chum slave dealer called Draxos. Anazar eventually escaped and ended up a street kid in the slums of the city. When he was 19 war broke out and he and his best friend signed up for the Chum navy. They became oarsmen on the galleys. Anazar served on a galley for almost a year, until the battle of when the Chum navy was defeated. Anazars ship was one of the few to escape the carnage. On returning to Chum, Anazar saw his captain executed for cowardice. Disillusioned and in despair, Anazar ran away that night and joined a ship heading for the Western Islands.

He spent the next few years sailing around the western islands on a ship owned by Captain Mezwar. Recently Mezwar sold his ship and retired on the island of Winsen.

At a loose end and looking for work, Anazar took up a job offer with a woman called Hexena and ended up becoming friends with a strange birdman called Inkfeather.

After adveturing with Inky and his friends for about a year, Anazar seemd more and more disruptive and unable to work with the rest of the group. One night in Chum he brutally murdered a slave boy called Med and ran away. Kimara found him the next day in a brothel. He told her he was leaving for good and leapt out the window, disappearing with a flash and a bang. No one has seen him since.


The Western Islands Anazar