A northern barbarian, turned prophet


Juntti is a huge hairy pale skinned man from the north. He is a barbarian L.5, Oracle L.1.
Str 18
Dex 15
Con 13
Int 11
Wis 6
Cha 14

climb +8
Survival +2
Swim +8
Perception +2

Power attack
Rage (5 rounds per day)


Juntti was born in the dark forest of the far north, His skin is white and his hair is light brown, a rare sight in the islands which makes him stand out in a crowd. He fled his home country after disgracing himself. On the morning of an important intertribal festival, the priests discovered Juntti passed out in the middle of the sacred grove surrounded by the empty amphoras of sacred wine. The festival went ahead without the wine but his tribe was disgraced and he was banished. He became a wandering sellsword and was eventually captured in a war and sold into slavery. He was sold and resold several times and ended up in the City of LiHarbo, as a public slave doing street cleaning. His slave name is Horatio. One night he was woken in his cell by fighting as a group of strangers broke in to rescue a couple of slaves, he joined in the escape attempt and ended up on the run with the strangers.

Recently in Chum, he visited the battle sites of his youth and started having strange unsettling dreams. One night he saw a hawk flying in the sky when he was out walking on the beach. The hawk led him to an angel who spoke with him and showed him how to cast spells.

In the year 551 he and his friends entered the dungeons of Teber Suk and killed the beast there. Juntti discovered a longsword in the ruins which belonged to Bazru Harbo. The sword contains part of Bazrus soul and has magical powers and intelligence. Junttie took the sword to Harbo Palace and gave himself up to Lord Bomak Harbo, who spoke with the sword and agreed to free Juntti from slavery and sponsor his investigations into the worm cult.


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