Najma Zarakas

Half elven noble from Chum Cha'aka


Najma has brown skin and dark curly hair, he appears to be about 21years old but his striking green eyes and slightly pointed ears show that he has elven blood and is probably twice as old as he looks. He dresses like the aristocrat he is, with a white tunic, gold rings on his ears and fingers, and a longsward on his belt.


Najma is the son of Sagal Zarakas, a wealthy noble. Najma is older than his stepbrother Bomil who is the designated heir to the family fortune. Najma has never met his elven mother, and is stuck with being the chief spy for the Zarakas family. He rescued the party in the desert south fo Chum after they had been attacked by gnolls, and escorted them to the city of Owey and on the Chum. The party have now realised that he is deeply involved in the dirty civil war in Owey, and well connected in Chum city.

Najma Zarakas

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