Perex is a Fighter from the Southern plains


Rerex is a fighter. He has led men in battle several times and is skilled with many weapons. Currently he dresses like the mercenary he is, but at home he wore formal warrior society regalia that marked him as part of the elite of his lands.

Fighter. 7, Rogue 1.


Perex is a tall black skinned man who is one of Hexena’s Bodyguards. He served her in the civil war that saw her lose her lands and birthright and has followed her north to the islands. He is determined to help her retake her lands and that means finding money and warriors. So far he has assembled a motley crew of a rogue, a tengu and a couple of escaped slaves… he thinks he might be here for a while.

Recently he has been working as a mercenary for the Chum army fighting their enemies the Bosregi. He has fought in one battle as an infantry commander, riding an elephant, a couple of small naval confrontations and several small unit missiosn in Mezzata.


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