rubbery sorcerer


Waseek is a short, entirely hairless black man. His limbs are unnaturally rubbery and when he is casting spells they elongate and the joints disappear as they writhe around like tentacles.

Sorcerer (aberration bloodline)
He has been seen using these spells:
ray of enfeeblement
feather fall
invisibility (OK well he wasn’t actually seen when he was using this but you know what I mean)


The party met him at North Gorge and had lunch with him on the roof of the old Wind Tower while discussing a possible alliance and exchange of info about the flying devil hounds and the caves that both Waseek and the Party were exploring. During dinner Waseek left the room and then reappeared at the top of the tower where he threatened them and started spellcasting. The party all scattered, jumping over the wall down to ground level. Then they smashed their way into the tower, finding gnolls inside waiting to attack them. Both sides suffered casualties and Waseek escaped.

Later the party tracked down Waseek’s associates including a bunch of gnolls and an evil priest at a beach where they killed them all and stole Waseek’s ship. He probably wanted it back.

The party ran into him a few months later at the Chum school of Wizardry and immediatly attacked him. He was gravely injured and held in prison by the wizards. the following day, Just as the party were about to interrogate him, the demon Sabu grabbed Waseek and sucked him through a vortex into a strange freezing land. Kimara had to kill Waseek to prevent the demon torturing him to death.


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