The sorcerers poem

Waseeks Poem


A worn piece of papyrus with the following poem scrawled on one side.

Winsen’s ground is broken
Wimmiden is the Mountain
Amiat’s wind has spoken
Akod a bubble in the fountain
The fifth a flame will never die
Sed burns bright but small
Sa the home where green beards cry
Tam has water where elders fall
Nothing but sorrow at Aldomoro
Maragh Mellul spirits speak
and all together cannot die.


When the party fought Waseek at the Wind tower of North Gorge on Winsen, he fled leaving two slaves and several bags and backpacks behind. Among the stuff in one of the packs was this papyrus with a poem on it. The slaves said he often consulted it and regarded it as a vital clue in his search for the old sorcerers on Winsen.

The party used the poem to work out how to disarm the magical traps in the Binhasa’s hideout in the lava caves. The clues in the poem may prove useful at other locations where the old sorcerers lived.

The sorcerers poem

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