The Western Islands

Summer Sun in Chum Cha'aka

The party are spending a few weeks in Chum Cha’aka. Kimara decides to go off with her Jann boyfriend and visit the elemental plane of air. She leaves the genie amulet with Perex, so she and Akhdar can find their way back to the party when they return. Perex has made friends with some Chum soldiers and is hanging around with them and admiring the Chumchakan war elephants. Maybe they will take him out for a ride on one. Horatio, well he is just being weird and says he wants to be by himself for a few weeks. Anazar has gone off to look up some old friends from his youth in the city, and Inky just says he needs to spend some time with his tengu people. The party agree to meet up on the night of the next full moon for dinner at the Black Lobster Inn.

Flaming Camel Poo and a gloomy barbarian

The party have met Najma, the half elven nobleman, who is travelling with an escort of six Chum soldiers, and ten nomad horsemen. He says he is a merchant on his way home to Chum chaka via coastal city of Owey, so the party decide to travel with him.

That night as they set up camp, Anazar wanders off to find stones for the campfire, when the sand suddenly collapses and he falls into a rapidly growing pit. The others rush to the pit and see tentacles writhing out from the bottom of the sand pit and around Anazar who is screaming and choking in the sand. Horatio grabs a rope, ties one end around himself and throws the other end to Inky. Horatio lowers himself into the pit and starts hacking at the tentacles. Anazar manages to draw his dagger and also starts hacking at the tentacles. A huge mouth appears at the bottom of the pit and Horatio throws himself at it, slashing with his sword. Najma’s men rush forward and take the rope from Inky, allowing him to hurl himself into the pit at the monster. He lands in the swirling sand without much effect, and Kimara also slides down the pit on her bum, casting a shocking grasp spell as she goes. Perex, still injured and unable to fight well, tips out the food from the campfire and uses the pot to scoop up the flaming embers and runs to the pit with it. The desert campfire is fuelled by camel dung and kindling, so when Perex hurls the contents of the pot into the monsters mouth and misses, Anazar is showered with flaming camel dung! Horatio is stuck in the monsters mouth, being chewed as he stabs the mouth repeatedly. Kimara directs her spell into the monsters mouth and Horatio hacks off a tentacle. Anazar has also managed to hack off one of the tentacles around him and the monster withdraws into the sand. Everyone grabs hold of Horatio and the soldiers pull on the rope until everyone is safely out of the pit.

The following two days are hot, dusty and uneventful, although on the second day Inky and Kimara both spot a distant figure dressed in black and riding a huge hyena.

The party arrive at the coastal city of Owey, to find it occupied by groups of dodgy looking mercenaries with an assortment of weapons and very little discipline. Najma knows their commander and introduces the party to him, a man called Mustafa who likes to drink beer and talk philosophy. Mustafa explains his ideas about good and evil, and how neither of them really matter, as he is happy to employ who ever will help him achieve his aims. The party decide he is a very bad man. That evening, Inky and Horatio go to the docks and visit a group of Tengu who live in a rotting old warship hulk full of rubbish and junk. Anazar decided to for a walk and meet the locals. He decides to annoy a couple of passing mercenaries and ends up getting a beating and being thrown into the prison. The next morning the party have to go to Mustafa’s headquarters and pay a small bribe for Anazar’s release.

Najma offers the party a place on a ship sailing to Chumchaka later that day. The trip takes two days and the weather is warm and sunny. When they arrive at the city of Chum Cha’aka, it is by far the biggest city any of them have ever seen. The artificial harbour has three bays. Two are full of merchant ships from all over the world and the third is full of dozens of war galleys, each with a crew of over a hundred men. The central commercial area around the harbours is made up of multi story brown and yellow brick buildings. A hill above the harbour has many large houses, and a large flat temple complex on the summit.

Najma recommends an Inn, the Black Lobster, so the party book themselves in. Kimara and Perex pose as husband and wife, and the rest of the party are introduced as their servants. The next morning Kimara and Perex go shopping for expensive new cloths so they look the part of classy rich people. That afternoon they approach the boss of a building site and ask (bribe) him to introduce them to a quality architect. He takes them up the hill to meet Hassan the architect. They explain they want to hire him to manage a project rebuilding a mansion in the Western Islands.

Meanwhile, out on the street, Inky and Anazar, who noticed some men following them, diverted off to a side street and then got them into a fight. Two men ran off and one, bleeding badly after being stabbed by Anazar, surrendered. He said they were hoping to kidnap Inky and sell him into slavery.

The party (except Horatio, who disappeared for the day), returned to the Inn that night, fairly satisfied with their day. Kimara used the genies amulet to signal Akhdar that he should come to them. Over dinner, the party met Bitzen a wizard, and his friend Elissa, an elf from the east. Conversation was limited as Ellissa did not speak Mazikeen and none of the party spoke much Chumaat. Akhdar announced by telepathy that he had arrived and wished to speak somewhere private. Kimara went up to the hotel room and remained with him for the rest of the evening. Apparently very little business was discussed. Kimara came back downstairs after a few hours and announced that Perex would be sleeping in the servant’s room. She returned upstairs to join Akhdar in the hotel room for the night. Horatio turned up at the Inn later that night, covered in scratches and grazes, and wearing new clean clothes. He refused to explain where he has been all day and seemed gloomy and depressed. Before the others went to bed they decided that they would all stay in the city for a few weeks and explore individually.

a wild windy tale

The next morning the party wake up on the ship and prepare for the march inland to the mountain of the wind. Anazar is up early and on the beach shirtless, and covered in gore as he dissects and guts the wyvern. He manages to extract and bottle several doses of powerful poison from the corpse. Inky goes for a wander and reports that he can see smoke from a village a mile or so away.

As breakfast is being prepared Kimara slips and hurts her foot. She decides she cannot face a day’s hard marching so stays on the ship. The others decide to go without her, and they take Fengo’s magic helmet with them. Ingky leads them inland towards the village. The village turns out to be three small adobe farmhouses with gardens beside a stream. The inhabitants are very cautious and not very welcome so the party march past them towards the mountain. By late afternoon they have made it up most of the conical mountain when they spot several lizardfolk stalking them. Inky calls out to them in their own language and they agree to talk. They point out that this mountain belongs to them but are willing to let the party pass if they supply them with fresh meat. The lizardfolk suggest a human but Ingky manages to haggle them down to a donkey instead. Ekky is most upset but gives up the donkey. Ingky agrees to carry most of the donkeys load for the rest of the march. As they climb up towards the mountain they hear the lizardfolk kill and noisily eat the donkey.

At the summit the party discover a ruined gatehouse protects the entrance to the volcanic crater. Inside the crater is a ruined mansion and lots of overgrown bushes and trees. They are suddenly attacked by a fast moving streak of smoke which they identify as a small air elemental. They take cover in the ruined mansion and try to drive it off with crossbow bolts. The air elemental picks ekky up and hurls him high into the air and he drops to his death. By the time it also grabs Perex it is much weaker and although he is also hurled thru the air onto the second story of the ruins, he is injured badly but not killed. Then the elemental turns into a whirlwind and disappears.

The party retreat into a dark room in the ruins and prepare to camp for the night as a large storm is approaching. Perex is tended to by Anazar while Inky and Horatio explore the crater discovering a small tomb. Inside are the bodies of the sorcerer Rhuyyum el Dasiya and his wife Haren. Horatio breaks the sarcophagi open and removes all the jewellery from the skeletons. And doesn’t even feel bad about it.

Night is very wet and windy as the storm arrives. In the middle of the night several figures appear outside the ruined house and challenge the party. They are tall men and women dressed like desert nomads with scimitars and bows, and they have strange sparkling/glowing eyes. They say they serve the lord of the mountain and demand to know what business the party has in the area. Anazar explains they are avoiding the storm and are recovering from an attack by the elemental. The leader of the strangers sasy his name ias Akhdar and they are Jann. He says the party can stay for a few days until Perex recovers, and Akhdar uses magic to produce enough food and wine for the party to stuff themselves. The strangers leave but promise to come back and check on the party each day.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Kimara, Amaia and gobbo are with the crew and their prisoner Fengo.
Kimara spends a morning interrogating Fengo. Then she spends the following night in the village where she makes friends with Tiserkit, the sorcerer, who knows a lot about the mythology of the mountain. Tisirkit claims to be descended from Bodash the grandson of Rhuyyum and Haren.
Kimara and one of the village men try to go up the mountain the following day but are attacked by lizardfolk and forced to turn back

Up on the mountain, Anazar and Inky decide to go off and spend a few days hunting in the mountains while Perex and Horatio rest a bit and then go down to find Kimara. They meet her at the village and spend a night there with Tisirkit.

The next day Horatio, Perex and Kimara climb the mountain so that Kimara can have a look around at the ruins. Akhdar and the other Jann appear and say the party owes them a service. They want the party to organise some builders to renovate and repair the ruins so that the Jann can move in. Kimara manages to sweet talk them and they take Horatio, Perex and Kimara to meet their lord Asnan el Reeh on the elemental plane of air. They fly through the air until they arrive at a massive floating castle island. There they meet Asnan el Reeh, the Genie lord, and agree to a deal where they will be transported to the biggest city they know, Chum Cha’aka, where they will organise and hire builders and architects to travel by ship to the islands and build the palace. Then the party will be transported by genie back to the islands.Jann1

Horatio, Perex and Kimara return to the crater ruin where they find Anazar and Inky avoiding the rain in the ruined building. They explain the plan and Anazar gets really angry saying he does not trust the Jann, and certainly doesn’t want to be a building contractor for them. Perex is drunk and he and Anazar get into a fist fight. Anazar loses of course and is knocked out cold. The others go out in the rain and talk to Akhdar who is waiting for them.

The next day Anazar decides that a magical trip to a foreign city could mean the potential to make a lot of money and commit crimes and get away with it. He agrees to go. The party return to the village, talk to the ship’s crew and pack their gear for the trip.
The following day Akhdar plane shifts the party to the plane of air, where they find themselves falling for an hour in a vast empty sky. Then he shifts them back to the prime plane, hopefully near the city of Chum cha’aka.

The party materialises in a dusty field on the outskirts of a village. It is very hot and no one is around. Kimara goes up to the nearest house and knocks on the door. The inhabitants seem really alarmed and call for help. Suddenly groups of armed men appear from the houses around the party. Soon they are surrounded by about fifty tribesmen/soldiers. Their leader Saeff Qadda, explains that the village is about to be attacked by a rival tribe and the party have walked into the middle of a small civil war. After much discussion and nervousness on both sides, Saeef agrees to let the party walk out of the village.

The night on the road, the party camp out in the desert under blankets and are ambushed by a small group of gnolls. Perex is badly stabbed but the gnolls are killed. Inky collects five gnoll tails to add to his collection. The next morning, while Kimara tries to activate a wand to heal Perex, a group of horsemen approach. The leader introduces himself as Najma. He is a young noble Chum, with green eyes and pointed ears, and asks the party if they would like to travel to Chum with his group.

Whacking a wyvern and bashing a bounty hunter

As the rainy season begins the town is filling up with ships and sailors. The party has now been relaxing in Tedleesi for several months. The ship has been fitted out with carpets and other luxury goods and half of the hold is now a fairly comfortable living area with carpets and other luxuries.

The party consider their options:
Habibi has offered them a job travelling to Manada where his business partner there could use some highly trained violent people to protect his business interests.

Sailors are saying the pirate kings of Dar el Kalaab are recruiting soldiers and pirates for a major pirate raid on the Bok coast next season.

Horatio wants to go back to LiHarbo and find the slaves that were rescued by the party and left with Mezwar.

Kimara wants to go visit the Mountain of the Wind, which is rumoured to be haunted by genies.

The party decides to do a short trip to the Mountain of the Wind which is only a couple of days sailing up the coast. Horatio hires Ekky to guide the party to the mountain.
On the second day of sailing up the coast the party notices a small sailing boat approaching them. It starts a signal fire and clouds of white smoke start coming off the boat as it raises the red flag of piracy. As the party prepare to defend the ship, they see a flying creature coming out from the coast. It is a wyvern with an armoured human rider. The wyvern makes several swoops over the boat lashing at Kimara and Inky who are in the crow’s nest. The rider shouts that he is the bounty hunter Fengo Sakeen and has a warrant to arrest Anazar, Perex and Inky for the slave breakout at Liharbo.

Inky ties himself to the rigging and makes a spectacular leap at the passing wyvern as it flaps past him. He misses and dangles from the rigging. Perex and Horatio fire volleys of crossbow bolts at the wyvern, hitting it several times and driving it away. Gobbo and Amea are reloading the heavy crossbows as fast as they can while Anazar and the crew turn the ship towards the small pirate boat.
The wyvern and rider make a clumsy crash landing on the pirate boat and a few minutes later take off again heading for the coast. The ship is now close enough that Horatio and Perex manage to hit the wyvern again with crossbow bolts. The wyvern crashes into the sea, and the pirate boat turns away from the ship and towards the wyvern and rider (who is wearing armour and struggling to stay above water).

Anazar orders all hands to the oars and the ship lurches forward and rams the sailboat amidships throwing two of it’s crew into the sea. Inky grabs a rope and slides down the rigging to the bow of the ship where Horatio and perex are fighting off the pirate captain. Horatio throws the pirate captain overboard and Perex leaps across to the boat threatening the sailors. Inky also leaps across and kills one pirate as he was “resisted while trying to surrender”. Eventually the pirate ship is secure and the surviving pirates are captured. The boat is looted and the crew are stripped and forced back on board. The boat is then pushed out and left to the sea with a crew in their underpants and no sails.

Then the party sails the ship alongside the wyvern which is now floating dead in the water with the armoured rider clinging to the body. Fengo surrenders to them but the crossbows seem to be malfunctioning, as he is “accidently” shot twice in the arm and chest as he is surrendering. Eventually Kimara and Horatio convince the others not to kill him and Fengo is stripped, tied up and brought on board the ship. The dead wyvern is towed and the ship drips anchor just off the coast. Anazar and Horatio go ashore and drag the wyvern’s body onto the beach and butcher it. Gobbo says he knows how to cook wyvern meat and a rather strange barbeque is had that evening.

The party can see the conical mountain of the wind a few miles inland. They think they can probably climb it the next day.

Raining in Tedleesi

(sorry about lack of updates, real life got in the way for a few weeks)

After the downfall of Himo, the people of Tedleesi were grateful to the party who spent a month or so resting and recovering from their adventures. Emizix offered them various rewards as he was really keen to have them settle in the town under his patronage. The party have not yet accepted this as they don’t want to commit to the town just yet. Anazar, Perex and Ingky did agree to perform a mission for Emizix. He asked them to go and kill a cyclops who lived on an offshore island. The three went to the island on a boat crewed by three of Emizix’s men and found the cyclops in a deserted and ruined village. Two of the sailors were killed by the cyclops before the giant was finally killed.. The party looted the cyclops’s lair and returned to Tedleesi, where they gave most of their reward money to the families of the dead sailors.

Horatio and Kimara missed this as they were off exploring the interior mountians for a week or so. Now everyone is back in town and wondering what to do next. The rainy season has begun and crops have been planted. Thunderclouds are gathering and the next few months will be wild wet and windy.

Anazar in chains, and the rescue party.

Meanwhile, Anazar finishes dealing with paperwork at the harbour masters office and finds that Ingki returned that morning and the rest of the party went with him into town.

Anazar goes to the Inn, which is quite busy for lunchtime. Himo is there having a meeting with Habibi the Chum merchant who is in town. Both men have a group of guards and supporters drinking at the bar while the meeting takes place. Tezem is working at the bar. Anazar says Hi to Tezem and then goes to find Vikri who says the rest of the party where there this morning but discovered a magical snake and had to leave. He wanders around town looking for them and eventually sees a group of men down on the beach digging something up. Anazar figures they have discovered the bodies his friends buried two nights before. He goes up and casually asks if he can help, and spends a few hours with the chiefs men dig up the bodies. As he is returning to town, a small bird appears with a magical message from Kimara. He reads ait and goes back to the Inn to get Tezem as requested. When he walks in Himo’s men (who have just been told that Himo’s house has been robbed) leap up and seize him. They also take Tezem from behind the bar. Tezem and Anazar are tied up and taken by wagon back to Himo’s house, where they are both beaten and chained up in the caves below the house.

The following day, the rest of the party wake up after a long night on the beach north of town waiting for the ship which never came. They bury the crates of weapons they stole and get ready to ehad back into town, when they see a lone figure on the road. It is a woman called Bahzetta, with a donkey and a corpse on it. It turns out she is the sister of Alatik, the man they saw murdered a few days ago. His body is on the donkey and she is taking him to his home village to be buried that morning. The party decide to help her and attend the funeral. She hates Himo and wants revenge so she offers to come with the party. Later that afternoon they all return to Tedleesi and plan an attack on Himo’s house. Perex and Horatio are to take an oxwagon loaded with spare weapons (from the crates) to the path inland from Himo’s house, while the others will go into town and try to find Anazar.

Ingky sneaks over to the ship and meets Amaia and the crew who say Anazar was kidnapped the day before. Kimara and Bahzetta go to speak to the relatives of the dead man and try to incite them to rise up against Himo. They see the chief’s warriors going to the ship and trying to arrest Ingky and the crew so they intervene. Bahxetta pulls out a blood-stained cultist robe and Kimara casts a spell on it to make it rise into the air. Everyone is suitably shocked and the guards insist that everyone goes to the chief’s house to explain. The chief, Emizix (Supreme chief of the Ath Gwafa) asks them all what is going on and eventually decides there is enough evidence to arrest Odez the Odious for being an evil cultist and for the murder of Alatik. By this time it is nearly dark and Horatio and Perex have gotten bored and began drinking on the ox wagon. They end up punching each other over a gambling game they are playing.

At dusk, Bahzetta speaks to a crowd of angry relatives who have gathered outside the Inn. Then Ek (one of the thugs who was captured by the party and has been tied up on the boat for two days) leaps up and also urges the crowd to drive Himo out of town. Ingky starts handing out flaming torches to the crowd, and then spots a lone figure trying to cross the bride towards Himos house. The crowd start chasing the figure, and as they get closer to Himo’s house, Perex and Horatio see them and bring the ox wagon down the road. The figure is trapped between the wagon and the crowd, who have now seen that it is Odez, and he has a flying bat head monster floating above his head. The flying head demon swoops over the crowd screeching and most of the crowd are paralysed with fear. Ingky manages to retain his senses and attacks Odez injuring him. A fight erupts and everyone is variously confused or paralysed with fear at various times as the floating head screeches above them. It eventually lands on Bazzetta and attaches itself to her face trying to do unspeakable things. She shakes it off and Perex hurls his javelin of Lightening at it. The javeling explodes into a huge bolt of lightneing whcih drives the demon away and boosts the morale of the crowd who start advancing on Odez again. Then Perex shoots Odez in the head at very close range with his new crossbow and the demon thing flies away into the night

A group of horsemen arrive from the chief’s house and the crowd regains its courage. Horatio once again kicks the front door of the house in, and everyone floods into the yard. The townspeople all start looting Himo’s mansion, and Perex joins in, loading stuff onto the ox wagon. The men guarding Himo’s house all surrender without a fight and several join in the looting too.

Horatio leads the chief’s warriors into the tunnels where they go to the temple, and are attacked by the corpse of Aziko who has been turned into a zombie. Horatio is battered but they manage to slash the zombie into bits and find Tezem and Anazar in separate rooms chained to the walls. There is no sign of Himo himself, and it appears he managed to escape through the caves and out to the coast. His power is broken though and he is now an elderly fugitive with no friends. Bahzetta quietly disappears into the darkness after him but the rest of the party bring Anazar and Tezem up to Himo’s yard and offer them water and fresh food as the townspeople party into the night around a bonfire with stolen beer.

Home invasion, zombies, and the death of a friend.

The next day all is quiet in Tedleesi, and the party are all aboard ship in the harbour. The Harbour master summons Anazar to his office to explain the ships presence and pay some port taxes. While Anazar is filling in paperwork, Inky arrives back from his wanderings in the mountains and others fill him in on what has been happening.

They decide to go into the Inn, get a few drinks and decide what to do next. The Inn is fairly empty when they arrive and they all start discussing what they should do about the murder they witnessed. Suddenly Inky notices a black snake in the rafters above their table, Kimara leaps up and shoots lightning at it. The snake falls to the ground and Inky hacks it to pieces. As soon as it is killed it bursts into a puff of black smoke leaving no trace. Vikri and the other bar staff run over and Kimara says it seems to be some sort of magical summoned creature. Kimara has been bitten so they head off up the road to visit the local shrine to Eesa, the goddess of healing. In the street they see Himo and six of his men, heading towards the Inn, and Kimara meets Aziki, the beach hunk who works at the rope shop. They decide they would like to check out Himo’s house while he is not home. Aziki agrees to show them the way but gets very nervous when Perex and Horatio start talking about robbing the place. Kimara and Inky calm him down saying the guys are only joking, and Kimara asks Aziki (with eye lashes fluttering furiously) to take her for a walk on the beach below Himos house. Aziki agrees (how could he not) and Ingky follows at a discreet distance. Aziki mentions that there are caves on the beach and Kimara insists that he show her and Ingky how to get in. They enter the caves and soon discovered that they go deeper into the hill than they thought. They find evidence of smuggling (crates of trade goods) and then a freshly built series of tunnels and rooms. Aziki gets very nervous when Kimara and Inky start exploring, and it only gets worse when they discover a room fitted out like a temple to some dark god. For some reason. KImara and Inky dress up in sets of black robes they find, and ask Aziki to put a robe on as well. When the zombies lurch out and attack, Aziki drops his torch and runs screaming back towards the cave entrance.

Meanwhile Perex and Horatio are checking out Himo’s large farmhouse and yard on the hill. They decide that being blunt and forceful is always the best approach. They walk up to the front gate and when the peephole opens and a voice asks what their business is, Horatio kicks the door in. The stunned guard gets up and starts swinging his club, but Perex punches him out. He is tied up and the pair run forward into the house. The only occupants are two women, Himo’s adult daughters. They boys tie them up and start looting jewellery, booze and, disturbingly, underwear. Eventually, and now quite drunk, Horatio and Perex threaten the women who reveal the location of a tunnel to caves below the house. As they enter the tunnels, they hear screams up ahead and they start running towards the sound. Out of the darkness comes a man running directly towards them, dressed in black robes, screaming loudly. Obviously they kill him and keep running, eventually finding Ingky and Kimara in the temple surrounded by zombies. Eventually all the zombies are destroyed and Kimara finds Aziki dying in the corridor. She tries desperately to staunch his wounds but he dies in her arms.

The party loots the temple discovering large amounts of cash and valuable items, and Perex smashes and defiles the cult statue of Setesh in the temple. Then they find crates full of weapons and decide to carry as much of it as they can out of the caves and away to safety. They walk up the coast away from town and Kimara uses her feather token to send a message to Anazar telling him to bring the ship and meet them up the coast later that night.

A bad night on the beach

The party decided to leave Winsen, so after camping out on the road they entered the village, got their stuff and boarded the ship they had stolen earlier.

Anazar says he used to sail with an old friend who owns an Inn in the port of Tedleesi on Amiat Island, so off they go to Akod and Amiat. The journey takes a few days, and the party spends a few weeks relaxing in Tedleesi and training (most are now training up to Level Three). Horatio and Perex spend their time exercising and practising sword fighting on the beach. Anazar spends his time in the Inn, and Kimara is bored with all of them. Inky says he is going off into the mountains of the interior to explore and does not return for weeks.

Meanwhile, Tezim turns up. She is the girl that picked Anazars pocket and got stabbed by him in LiHarbo a while back. She is looking for work and informs Anazar there is a price on his head back in LiHarbo. Anazar seems quite pleased he is worth 500GP to the authorities but makes Tezem promise not to dob him in. She reluctantly agrees but says Anazar owes her a big favour.

One night Kimara and Perex are returning to the ship after a night at the tavern when they see a bunch of people acting suspiciously on a path heading up the hill by the port. They follow the dodgy dudes and witness them killing a man. The dudes put the body on a cart and take it to the beach. K and P grab the others and the party follows the group down the beach. The group notice they are being followed and challenge the party. A fight breaks out on the beach and then two large slimy humanoid figures wade out of the waves and join the battle. The dudes with the cart are easily defeated, two die and one surrenders when Anazar captures him. The two fish men stab Kimara with a trident and she collapses next to the cart. Horatio and Perex manage to kill the things.

SahuaginThe party return to the ship with a captured donkey and cart and one prisoner. He informs them that the group work for a guy called Himo who is the main smuggler in town, asnd who has recently made some sort of deal with Sahuagin. Himo had told the gang to meet another crook, called Odez, at the ruined fortress above the port where they would follow his instructions. It turned out that Odez called them together so he could kill one of the gang for being untrustworthy, and have the others dispose of the body. They were told to take the body of their fellow gang member to the beach where the Sahuagin would come and remove the body. This w3as the scene that the party had interrupted.

Horatio goes back to the beach and spends an hour or two digging graves and burying the three dead men and two sahuagin. No one will notice the graves for at least a day or two.

The next day the party remain on the ship where Kimara is in bed recovering from her wounds. Perex goes to visit a trading ship which is also in port and trades some of the party’s loot for some new armour and other equipment. It is only a matter of time before the town notices the bodies on the beach or that several locals are missing. Presumably Himo and Odez are aware their henchmen did not come back from the night time disposal mission too…

Meanwhile Inky meets some very interesting characters high up in the mountains of the interior, but more about that another time.

A bar room brawl and fooling a mephit

Our heroes sail the stolen ship back to the Asif river mouth, disembark and walk into the Inn at Asif village, where Hexena and her daughters have been staying. Hexena says she will take her men to Samak and try to find out what happened to the crew of her ship. She wants the party to go up the valley to the caves and try again to locate the treasure of Binhasa. She will meet them back at the river mouth in three days.

The party decide to leave for the caves that night avoiding the crowds expected at the next morning’s market. Anazar attempts to impress Hexenas daughter Kimara by showing off his acrobatic skills in the tavern. As usual when trying to impress people in a bar he falls over and hurts himself. A stranger comes over, introduces himself as Kareem and picks a fight with him. Anazar smashes a chair over the guys head. A fight breaks out and Kimara kills the thug with a beam of lightning from her hand. Everyone in the bar leaps out of their chairs and backs away from the scary lady with the lightning, except for two scruffy looking guys who draw daggers and advance on Anazar and Kimara. Horatio draws his sword and charges across the room at them, but collides with a table, smashing it and the chairs and falling to the ground. The two thugs leap on him and start stabbing him. Anazar throws a dagger which misses the thug and bounces into the crowd at the other end of the room. Horatio, still lying on his back, swings his sword and kills one of the thugs. The other thug steps back and runs for the door. Just as Anazar is about to throw a dagger at him, Perex appears at the door to the upstairs room and hurls a spear across the bar room and into the thug who is killed instantly.

The Party apologise to the bar bartender and his patrons for the mess and dump the bodies at the edge of the market. They decide that leaving town is now fairly urgent so they pack their bags and march off into the night. The next day they arrive at the caves and lower themselves by rope into the tunnels. They eventually find a well-constructed room deeper under the lava tunnels. The party lower themselves by rope into this room and Kimara says she can sense a door shaped magical pattern on the western wall of the chamber. After a few minutes of tapping, kicking and pushing the wall, Kemara decides to blast it with her lightning. The door shaped section clicks and Horatio easily pushes it open. Behind it is a stone staircase going down into a warm dark passage. Inky goes forward and discovers the passage leads to a large iron door which is warm to the touch. Opening the door, the party discovers a wide arched room with a floor made of patches of molten lava and solid rock. Kimara detects some sort of summoning magic on a large pedestal at the far end of the room, and in a series of eight small plates set into the solid patches on the floor. Anazar jumps across the lava to the nearest solid patch which has a silver bowl on it. There is also a silver bowl in a nearby patch. Anazar and Inky realise that the patches of solid ground on the floor are shaped like a map of the Western Islands. Anazar starts rummaging in his pack and pulls out the scroll they found in Waseeks lair which had a poem about the islands on it. Anazar finds eight coloured gemstones in the bowl and they party decide that the poem contains clues to which gemstones go into which plates on the solid islands. After much arguing, Anazar jumps from island to island and places the gemstones. When the last one is in place there is a solid click from the doors at the end of the room and the magic pedestal changes form into a little rock creature which Kimara identifies as a mephit. The mephit demands to know who they are and what they are doing in the chamber of Binhasa. Anazar and Kimara both smile convincingly and explain that they are working with Binhasa in his fight against the sahuagin (sea devils). Mephits earthThis is a total lie but the mephit is quite dim and falls for it. It carries Kimara across the lava and into the treasure room. Anazar leaps across too and together they gather up all the magic items and a locked chest, which the mephit carried for them.

The party return to the surface with the loot and by night fall they are back at the campsite on the main road.

Blood on the Beach

Perex and Horatio decide get closer to the beach and the bonfires, and on the way they run into Inkfeather and Yuba. Inky is covered in fresh blood and says he has just killed a gnoll that was on watch under a nearby tree. It is quite dark but Inky and Yuba say there are four or so gnolls around a campfire at the end of the beach, next to a large cargo ship and a few smaller boats.

The group plans an attack on the gnolls, and Inky drags the dead gnoll up the hill and hides the body. Yuba is sent back to the village where he gets his cousins and Anazar and tells them the plan. They buy lots of beer and wine and about an hour later, they have returned to the cove where they pretend to be noisy drunks out for a night time party on the beach. In the meantime the others have got into positions on the hill at the far end of the beach above the bonfires.

When the gnolls hear the “drunks” two of them walk up the beach to investigate. One gnoll and a human dressed as a farmer are left at the campfire, and are immediately attacked by Perex and Horatio. The human is stabbed and falls to the ground apparently dead, and Horatio throws the remaining gnoll into the bonfire where is catches fire and dies a horrible death. The two large gnolls hear this and start running back to the fire. Anazar and the drunks drop their bottles and start running after them down the beach. The human turns out to be not dead at all and he starts crawling away. Inky leaps out of the darkness and kills one of the gnolls. The other rushes to protect the strange man, and Horatio and Perex are suddenly overcome by some sort of strange confusion and start babbling incomprehensibly. The gnoll swings his flail and tears Horatio’s sword out of his hand. Perex then lunges at his friend and the two warriors start punching and kicking each other insanely as the gnoll and the strange man run to a rowboat and push it out into the waves.

Horatio and Perex come to their sense and realise the strange man must have some sor5t of mind control powers. Anazar uses his bow to shoot arrows at the man who is now in the rowboat and about to escape. One arrow hits the man and he drops down into the boat, Meanwhile Inky has waded out and he and the gnoll are waist deep in seawater desperately trying to kill each other. Anazar rushes in and eventually the drop the gnoll.

Meanwhile Perex has climbed up onto the cargo ship and found seven terrified sailors who immediately surrender to the large angry man with a spear. From the ship Perex spots a small sailboat in the darkness, setting sail to leave. He shouts to the others who all jump into the rowboat (still with a corpse of the stranger in it) and start rowing out. The ship has three crew and a gnoll on board. After the gnoll is killed, the crew surrender and say they were hired by the stranger to bring him and Waseek and the gnolls to the island. They also say that Waseek and Akowat (the stranger) had an agreement of some sort with the local villagers. Anazar extorts a payment out of them and lets them go. Everyone is exhausted but worried about returning to the village for the night, so they stay on the beach until morning when the tide comes in. Then with the help of the ships crew (who are glad to be free of the gnolls), they push the ship out and set sail away from the cove and towards a few days of rest and recovery.


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