The Western Islands

Summer in Rakos

In Mezzatta, Perex and Inky fought under the Chum General Carthalo el Garbee. They took part in a small sea battle, capturing the Bosregi wizard Pompus Kram. They were given a house at the Chum Naval base in the town of Drep on Mezzatta. From there they led a small scouting mission up the nearby mountain where they killed the Kroso the giant.
Their next mission was to scout ahead on land as Chum fleet sailed along the southern coast of Mezzatta looking for the Bosregi fleet. Doing this they met Chum agents in local towns and fought several Bosregi patrols. They took a wrong turn and walked into a haunted beach one night and were attacked by undead. They escaped but were forced to backtrack to the nearest town and find a healer. In Jirgent, the elf Thelamina healed them on condition that they go and look for her daughter Jathar. Inky agreed to be geased as payment for the healing. As a result Perex and Inky were several days march away when the Chum fleet collided with the Bosregi fleet and won a huge sea battle using powerful magic. Perex and Inky were chased by a Bosregi officer and strange barbarian men whose bodies vanished when they were slain. Eventually they reached the north coast of Mezzatta where Perex returned to Chum to find Kimara, and Inky travelled north with Sot the local ranger, looking for Jathar. Inky found Jathar at her father’s tower on a small island called Lipo.

Meanwhile, Kimara and Juntti relaxed in the Chum city, and did a bit of research into the worm cult and the history of the Harbo family. When Perex returned, they returned to Tebber Suk and explored the lower level of the dungeon. Kimara accidently made contact with the worm when she tried to activate a magical stone sphere she found. Everyone escaped with their sanity, and some more cash.

One day, Perex and Juntti were drinking beer in the courtyard at Harbo House, when a visitor arrived. Theodith Dismith, a rug merchant from Rakos, claimed to be looking for info on the Harbo family and its connection to the family of his fiancé Sheeda Dromo. Juntti realised that the Dromo family were descended from Zethus Dromo, the man who died at Tebbersuk many years ago. Before he could ask many questions, and Invisible Stalker grabbed Theodith and ripped his head off in the courtyard. Perex and Juntti tried to hit it but it escaped. Juntti then saw old man Sabu standing and laughing at them.

Lord Harbo arranged for the city wizards to help investigate the murder of Theodith, and when a wizard scryed on Sheeda Dromo, he discovered that she was being held prisoner. Perex and Juntti were teleported to Rakos city by Mooxas, a Chum Wizard. There they investigated the kidnapping of Sheeda and discovered the main suspect in her disappearance and the murder of Theodith was a wizard called Ramid who was allied to an efreeti called Sekheniya. In Rakos they met a priest called Kalesius who spoke Chum and agreed to accompany them. Kalesius was helping a jann who was also looking for Sekheniya, so they all converged on Ramid’s base in a small village outside the city of Rakos. Kimara and Akhdar flew in to join them and they party assaulted the hideout. Ramid was blown to bits by a lightning bolt and his followers all surrendered or were killed. The party discovered that there was a portal to the plane of fire under the village temple so they went through, had a fight with some little fire people called Azer, and then found Sheeda and freed her from her prison cell. The Jann with them transported the entire party back to earth and they appeared on a beach on the coast of the Kashta Sea, hundreds of miles south of Rakos. Luckily Kalesius recognised the area and had a magical folding boat. After a few weeks they made it back to the city.

Mooxas had long since returned to Chum so the party found a place to stay in a warehouse owned by Kalesius’s mother Raisa. They investigated further and discovered that Sekheniya was still looking for Sheeda. A meeting was arranged and to cut a long story short, the party ended up in a huge fight with Sekheniya in a field on the edge of the city. There was fire, flying carpets, a charging elephant and eventually the death of Sekheniya the twelve foot high flaming genie..

Inky misses all of this because he is still on a small island talking to elves.

Flashback to the Age of Magic

while all the party were split and travelling alone, we decide to do a quick reunion session and play a game of Microscope. We used the same modified version of Microscope that we used in the first session, with less rolepaying to make the history go quicker. This time we had three players turn up and we explored the Age of Magic in our campaign world. In the regular campaign, severl of the PCs are (independently of each other), about to come across information about the distant past of the world.

We could explore this period in the deep distant past without disturbing any recent history. Our start period was the discovery of magic by the elves, and our end period was the collapse of the pre human civilisations and the rise of the humans. I added that the end period was during a great warming with sea levels rising and masive climate change. This matches the same period in our first Microscope session about the western Islands area, and took place about 500-1000 years before the current campaign.

Here is what we came up with:

Big Picture
The Age of Magic. Elves, Dwarfs and Giants create civilisations in an age where humans live in small scattered farms and villages.

The cloud Castle
The dwarfs
Implications of magic use
Athadorus the Giant
The Rise of man

Andrew: Dark Elves rising
Mark: The Sky Wound (a big quarry)
Dave: Rajok the dodgy Dwarf
Mark again: Bolgath the redeemed (A giant brother of Athadoros)

Starting Period: The elves learn magic

The gift: a meteor lands on earth containing a being made of light. It is good and it is magic.
The elf Theron approachs the light and is taught the secret of magic. The other elves fear and reject him.
Theron spends years in the wilderness He passes magic on to who ever will follow him, a range of creatures, probably faerie centaurs goblins and forest creatures. A hint of darkness

Period: Golden Age of the elves (LIGHT)

The elderly Theron traps the light in a glass case inside a cave somewhere (DARK)
The light curses Theron. Curse one, Theron will live forever but be miserable and unhappy undead. Curse two, prophecy the elves will fall and the humans will rise.

Period: Great diaspora of the elves (DARK)

The Great Pox (DARK)

  • Scene: elf city on a glacier. Why did some elves decide to worship a demon queen? Answer she offered them immunity from the pox in return for adoration (DARK)
    The giant King travels to the plane of Air to learn how to build a cloud castle (LIGHT)

Period: Long Dark night, war between the elves and the Dwarfs (DARK)
*Period: The Reign of Stone. Elves in decline, giants leave Dwarfs build a stable and long lasting civilisation in the mountains. They become aware of the floating castle in the distance but never figure out what it means (LIGHT).

Dwarfs sell giants a huge mountain, cut it into blocks and have to hire the crazy elf wizards to help do this (LIGHT)

  • Scene: The magic at the core of the castle becomes corrupt due to defective elves the flying castle has leprosy disease. Does anyone find out? Yes the giants discover the flaw but ignore of delay it so they can gain power short term. The problem will emerge in the distant future so they don’t care. (DARK)
  • Groth the dwarf discovers the dodgy magic too. He tells the Dwarf King. Kujak convinces the king to ignore the risk and dispose of Groth instead. Groth manages to escape and flees into exile. He goes to live with the good elves. (LIGHT)
  • Kujak the dodgy dwarf attempts to plot against the king, this results in a civil war which ends the reign of stone. (DARK)
  • A human called Gorash saves the life of a dwarf King and is rewarded he learns secrets and starts a noble lineage (LIGHT)

*Period: Epic war of the giants (DARK)
Early life of Athadorus. He is born in the cloud castle where his parents live. (LIGHT)

  • Why does Athadorus father name Ath as heir despite him being only a small child and not being eldest son? Answer: Because an elf wizard prophesised that if the first son of the castle owner ever inherits they will be cursed. (LIGHT)

Older Brother Bolgath is 100yrs older and his resentment finally boils over. He does a deal with a Genie who seals athadorus into a tower in the castle. Bolgath then breaks off the tower. This increases the rate of rot in the castle, it speeds and spreads the rot.

Athadorus recaptures the castle with the help of elves and exiles Boldath.

The rock giants rise up and allied with dark elves they attempt to bring down the cloud castle. (DARK)

Bolgath the giant redeems himself and goes to the far south to set up a kingdom with no magic. (LIGHT)

The rock giant’s rebellion ends in failure. The giant’s eyes go black and they retreat underground.(LIGHT).

The cloud castle is used to destroy the palace of the storm giants (DARK)

  • Why did Athadorus allow the castle to be used to commit great evil against the storm giants? Answer: The evil corruption that has been in the castle from the beginning was now strong enough to become sentient and had taken over. The castle was now alive and evil. Athadorus is now a prisoner inside his own castle. (DARK).

A group of dwarfs are enslaved by some giants. They escape and their leader shows them a way to a new land in the north (LIGHT).

Pox of Stone. The sentient cloud castle starts to rot. The rot affects dwarf cities too. Someone has opened a bad door? (DARK).

*Period: Collapse of the old Empires. Sea levels rise and glaciers melt, massive climate change over a few centuries. (DARK).
The big quarry sky wound, attracts monsters and magic, it is abandoned and cursed avoided by all right thinking folk (DARK).

The biggest and oldest elf city is abandoned as the sea levels rise., this is the fulfilment of the prophecy and the end of the elven empire.

A heroic human uses magic to fly up to the castle and discover great magic (GOOD).

Kallum Barak discovers fallen bits from the sky castle and founds a kingdom (GOOD)

Humans start taking over, scrabble for old tech/knowledge from the elves and dwarves who are pushed further to the fringes. The first human empires rise. (GOOD).

Rajun el Waki finds ancient ruins shards of the castle? Starts talking to demons and begins a deviant cult (DARK). Western Islands?

splitting up for a while

After the big dungeon crawl at Tebber Suk, the party went back to Chum city to rest up. Everyone agreed to do their own thing for a few weeks but this soon stretched into months. Inky and Perex signed up as mercenaries and joined a fleet of reinforcements sailing to the Island of Mazzata, where Chum forces have been battling the Bosregi for control of the island in a decade long war. Juntti and Kimara took two rescued slaves into the city and Junti contacted the House of Harbo and admitted he was an escaped slave but that he had found the lost sword of Bazru. Lord Bomak Harbo examined the sword and after a conversation (with the sword) decided Juntti should be freed without punishment. He is now funding and supporting Juntti’s efforts to seek out and destroy the cult of the worm.

The ruins at Tooka

The party meet up in Tedleesi and organise the building of the Mansion for the Jann. Then Perex and Juntti arrange to be flown north again by Azraq one of the Jann. He drops them in the northern desert and they spend a week or so walking to civilisation. Somehow they end up robbing a small temple and stealing some horses. Then in Chum, they meet up with Inky and a strange foreign gentleman called Maha who is also investigating the ruins at Tooka and offers to accompany them. They also hire a wizard named Ezrina and two mercenaries called Hogar and Bogar, before setting off to the ruins of Tooka.

They set up base in the village of New Tooka and make several expeditions into the dungeons beneath the ruins. On the third night, vargouille from the ruins, attack the Inn where they are staying. During the fight they discover a local rich farmer called Zulpan in their room. They fight him and discover he is possessed by a strange creature that resembles a large brain with four clawed legs. The creature had eaten Zulpan’s brain and moved into his skull.

The next morning they rush Ezrina to the nearest town as she has been infected with the curse of the vargouille. Inky joins the locals in investigating the House of Zulpan and they discover that the monster has tortured and slaughtered his entire family and many of his slaves. The others reach Tebber Suk, and take Ezrina to the temple. While they are there an escaped slave rides into the market and starts slaughtering people. The party rushes to help and realises that the slave has been possessed by the brain beast. After the slave is killed and the mess is cleaned up, the party explain to the town authorities that the brain beast is responsible for all the carnage and is still on the loose. That evening Kimara walks into town and re-joins the party. The town priest, Vamook, agrees to help them and the next day they set off to the ruins hoping to corner the beast inside.

The next day they re-enter the ruins and manage to corner and kill the brain beast. Then they break into a mummy’s tomb and loot all the treasure, but Maha is badly hurt. When they come out of the dungeon later that afternoon, they give some of the loot to Vamook who returns to town with it. The party then re-enters the dungeon and finds two slaves that were taken by the beast, as well as a magic sword. They are rescued and the party decides to leave for the hills with the treasure and the two slaves rather than return to town and risky questions about Juntti’s status as a runaway slave.

Sailing to Tedleesi

The next few months are spend resting and training. Hassan the architect has assembled all his equipment and is ready to sail. He hires space on the Jade Eagle, a merchant ship owned by Habib. He is a regular on the trade routes between Chum city and the Western islands, and the party met him in Tedleesi last year. ship.jpg

Kimara says she will be spending the next six months or so with the genies studying magic on the Plane of Air. She wants Perex and Juntti to sail on the ship with Hassan as soon as Perex has finished training with Constanza. Inky decides to stay in the north as Chopper wouldn’t really like being cooped up on a ship for months, and Habib and his crew would like it even less. After a month of waiting for the winds, the ship sets sail for the Western Islands. On board, Juntti spends the nights staring at and studying the stars, and Perex takes up fishing, becoming quite good at catching large sharks and marlins. After two months of travel, the ship arrives at Akod and Amiat and sails into port at Tedleesi. Juntti activates the Jann amulet, alerting Kimara that the ship has arrived, and the sailors throw ropes and tie up the Jade Eagle at the docks of Tedleesi.

The death of Waseek

Back in Chum the party have a short break and go their separate ways for a few weeks. Inky stays at the crematorium with his Tengu friends and spends his time getting to know Chopper his giant hyena

Kimara spends time at the Chum school of wizardry, doing research into the sorcerers of the islands. While she is there Bitzen casts a scrying spell for her, which allows her to see and speak to her mother Hexena. Hexena is safe and well and living in a town called Samakeelah at the northern end of Khusin. Juntti falls in love with Helga, a barbarian slave who is employed as the door person at the school.

One evening the party are visiting Bitzen at the wizardry school when Juntti and Perex spot a familiar figure in the courtyard. They immediately attack Waseek the filthy and a violent fight breaks out with people on both sides using magic and flying around the courtyard. Juntti leaps of the roof of a building and falls with his full weight, onto Waseek knocking him out. Waseek is taken prisoner and removed to a secure underground prison at the wizards school.

The next morning, the wizards council meets to decide on the fate of the party members who started a fight in the courtyard. After hearing witnesses they decide in favour of the party and they are free to go. Juntti stays and helps guard Waseek, while Kimara and Perex go and find Inky and look for Waseeks rooms. They take two junior wizards with them and find an Inn called the Golden Goblin, where Waseek’s rooms are guarded by two young men. The two men quickly admit that they work for a criminal gang and have no interest in fighting for Waseek now that he is near death. Entering the rooms, Kimara is attacked by a monstrous cloaker that wraps and suffocates her. It emits a hideous moaning that causes Perex, Inky, and the wizards to flee in terror. Perex even wets his pants as he is running away (If only Anazar was there to see it). Kimara manages to cast all her remaining spells and drive the cloaker off. It crashes through the wall of the Inn and flaps up and over the rooftops as Kimara collapses exhausted in the room. After a rest and a quick change of underpants, the room is searched and several small items of magic are taken before the party return to the wizards school.cloaker4e.jpg

The next day, Kimara returns to the Golden Goblin to look for more clues. She finds a strange man in the rooms, apparently also looking for clues. He says his name is Sabu. He is elderly and ragged looking but has a very very threatening manner. Juntti casts a detect evil spell on him and is immediately knocked unconscious as the power of the evil in Sabu overcomes him. Kimara and Juntti quickly leave the empty rooms.

Later that day KImara and Juntti get word that Waseek is awake so they go down to the prison to interrogate their prisoner. While they are there they tell Waseek about Sabu and he looks terrified. He explains that Sabu is a demon and has been sent to kill him. The worm cult does not accept failure. Kimara and Juntti reassure Waseek that he is in a secure and magic proof prison protected by powerful magic and dozens of guards. Just then, Sabu, the creepy old man, appears inside the prison, knocks several guards aside, runs through the magic barrier and seizes Waseek from his bed. Sabu knocks Juntti over and flees through the magic barrier carrying a screaming Waseek. Once he is outside the barrier, Sabu is able to use magic again and sets off a magical vortex. Kimara and Juntti run towards Sabu and are caught up in the vortex. A few seconds later they find themselves in a cold wintery landscape surrounded by snow covered mountains. Sabu is holding a semi-conscious Waseek in front of a stone altar. Behind him are three dead trees, each with a tattered child’s corpse hanging from its branches. Sabu grins at the heroes and tells them he is going to torture and kill Waseek and they are welcome to watch but if they interfere he will be forced to hurt them. Juntti prepares to attack Sabu but Kimara holds him back. Sabu just grins, daring Juntti to attack him. Kimara points her fingers and Waseek and blasts him with a bolt of electricity, putting him out of his misery. Sabu looks deeply disappointed as Kimara and Juntii walk away. They wander through the snow for a few hours and, having figured out that they are in the mortal world and not in some demon hell, they use the Jann amulet to call Akhdar and get a lift back to the elemental plane of Air for a rest at the genie palace, and then a short flight back to Chum city.

After the Party

These updates are way behind so this summary is even briefer than usual.
After the disastrous military parade. Juntti, Kimara and Perex attend the official banquet at the Temple of Baal Cha’aka. They meet and mingle with the elite of the city and Perex is presented with a small ivory elephant sculpture as a token of gratitude from the city for his part in the military campaign against the town of Owey.

The next day they go to see Hassan the architect to arrange for his trip to the islands so he can build a palace for the party’s janni friends. To cut a long story short, it turns out he is being blackmailed by a woman called Constanza. She is forcing him to be a spy for her (unknown) employer, and therefore he is unable to go to the islands until the problem is solved. The party promises to investigate and quickly find themselves in a fight with a small boy in the street who turns out to be a doppelganger. Juntti heals the monster before it dies and they tie it up and lock it in the basement of Hassan’s house.

Meanwhile, Anazar goes to see his Uncle Sidrah, and asks him to help get him out of town. They both notice a strange invisible ball following Anazar and decide, rightly, that someone is using magical means to spy on him. They split up and attempt to get away from it. The ball follows Anazar as he runs through the town, mugs a passing local and steals his purse and papers. He goes to Sidrahs house and offers the money and papers to him. Sidrah points out that the guy was a local magistrate, and mob is roaming the street outside looking for a mugger. Next morning Sidrah takes Anazar to the docks (red cloak and new clean clothes) and gets him a job as a sailor on a ship leaving port that day. Anazar leaves the city and disappears. . .

Inky continues his adventures in the desert chasing gnolls.

Back in town, Perex, Kimara and Juntti lie low at Hassans house, and once the doppelganger has recovered sufficiently, interrogate it and discover it is called Zinn. Zinn tells them how to find Constanza. They meet her at a market, posing as Zinn and his prisoners, but she is suspicious and leaves. They follow her back to her house which is above a pigsty. They smash their way into the pigsty compound and get into a big fight with her retainers and a giant pig. The fight is going quite well for the party until Kimara is suddenly captured by one of the thugs and a giant toad creature. Swords are dropped and negotiations take place. Kimara will stay with Constanza at the pigsty, and Zinn will return with Juntti and Perex, while they figure out how to satisfy Constanza’s need for information on the Zarakas family (Hassan was being made to spy on them for her) so that Hassan is free to go south with the party. Kimara and Constanza get along nicely and by the next day Constanza has invited Kimara to stay with her at her country house.

Zinn ends up staying with Perex and Juntti for several weeks while they meet up with Inky, and go into the southern desert border to investigate sightings of wagarra the gnoll queen. They end up uncovering a plot by Saeed of Owey who is in hiding at the gnoll fort, and somehow getting into a fight with several ghouls. . He is trying to do a deal and convince the men of Two Ridge village to provide aid to the Owey rebellion. There is a fight. Wagarra the gnoll is killed immediately, Saeed’s top officer is captured and the villagers agree to le the party leave with the prisoner and half of Saeed’s money in return for not telling the Chum nobles of the village’s part in the failed plot. The day after the party leaves all of them start getting really sick as the infections carried by the ghouls start to flower. They end up stuck in bed in a small village at the mercy of a local Baal priest. He wants to know what on earth they have been doing and who the prisoner is. They manage to convince him they are working on behalf of the Chum government so he heals them and lets them take their prisoner back to the city.

Rampaging Elephants in a crowded street
session 21

The next morning a mob of staff and guests from the Black Lobster are waiting outside the Inn where Horatio and Kimara stayed the night. They demand to be taken to Anazar so he can be arrested for destruction of property (namely one 17yr old male slave called Med, replacement value 200gp).

Horatio takes the mob to the temple in the centre of the city, while Kimara slips out invisibly and goes to find Anazar at the Six Snails Inn. She eventually finds him making potions in the brothel next door. He refuses to come with her and leaps out a window, leaving only a puff of smoke and flames. She goes to the temple to meet Horatio.

Meanwhile Perex, who slept at the barracks, also turned up at the Six Snails. He talks to Uncle Sidrah who tells him what he knows. Perex returns to his barracks so he can prepare for his victory parade at noon.

Meanwhile, Anazar goes to the docks and gets himself hired as a casual labourer, unloading a ship. He gives himself a haircut and shave, he also pays a dude to punch him in the face in order to change his appearance.

At the temple Horatio talks with a priestess call Arishana, and then negotiates with a bouncer from the Black Lobster Inn, and pays him 200gp compensation for the death of Med.

At noon, everybody goes to see Perex ride his elephant at the victory parade for the War of Owey. Perex is at the head of his army unit, with the prisoner in chains in front of them.
Everything is happy and glorious until Anazar shows up. He has talked a group of his new workmates into coming to the parade and as the elephants pass him, he throws an alchemy bomb in front of them. One of the elephants panics and charges into the soldiers. Chaos breaks out as the crowds flee in terror. Kimara and Horatio manage to get away unharmed but at least ten people are killed before the handler manages to kill his elephant. Anazar magically disguises himself and slips away in the chaos. The prisoner, Marhal El Qadey, manages to escape in the confusion. Perex drives his elephant forward down the empty street and into a side street. His big day is ruined so he sits on the elephant by himself and gets really drunk.

That night Kimara, Perex and Horatio all meet at the barracks. The banquet planned for the evening is still going ahead. The prisoner has been recaptured an hour or two after he escaped. The Chum govt assume the bomb was part of an escape plan and are investigating. Several dock workers have given them a description of a man calling himself “Omar”, who threw the bomb. Various wizards are investigating him.

A reunion dinner goes horribly wrong

Session 20

The party meet up as agreed on the night of the full moon for a dinner at the Black Lobster Inn. Everyone is there except Inky. No one is worried, he is often late.

Edo the Innkeeper suggests the Reefclaw Roast. ReefClaw are large dangerous crustaceans and only the rich can afford to eat one so the party order Reefclaw and retired to a private room for the evening.

Perex tells the group about his adventures and proposes that the group think up a plan to break Marhal elQadey out of the city prison, to claim the huge reward. As the party discuss this, Anazar uses a vial of white powder to create a circle on the floor around the table. He says a few magic words and claims this is a protective spell he has recently learnt.

Halfway through the dinner, Anazar goes out to the toilet, He discovers the slaveboy, Med, near the door and possibly listening in on the party’s plans (which by this stage involve a definite plot to break a prisoner out of jail). Anazar quickly grabs Med and cuts his throat. He drags the body into an adjoining room and locks the door. Then he climbs out the window and back through into the party’s room, warm blood still dripping from his hands. The party are horrified and a shouting match begins. The dinner is abandoned and the party all decide to sneak out the window and get away before the body (and bloody hallway) is noticed. The argument continues as the party run through the streets of the city.

They decide to split up and meet in the morning. Horatio and Kimara have second thoughts and decide to go back and tell the innkeeper that Anazar killed Med. There is uproar at the inn, and Kimara and Horatio are taken to a nearby Inn to sleep until morning when a proper investigation will begin.

Summer Sun part two

The party have decided to split up and do their own thing, having a relaxing break from each other in the city.
Kimara floats off for a few weeks with Akhdar. They spend a few weeks on the plane of elemental Air with the Djinn, Asnan el Reeh, in the floating palace. The Djinn teachs Kimara a few spells.

Inky is sick of humans and decides to spend time with a group of Tengu who run a crematorium just outside the city. Each day he helps them to the chamberpot run. They pull a large cauldron on wheels around the streets each morning and householders come out and pour the contents of the chamberpots into it. The tengu use the collected pee for tanning and other industrial uses. Inky meets a tengu elder who asks him to go and track down the base of a group of gnolls in the desert. The gnolls are known to be working with the local government in some sort of crime deal. Recently they killed two tengu. Inkys job is to locate the lair and report back alive. Inky spends a week looking for the gnolls in the desert. He eventually runs into a group of them, defeats them, and tracks a lone survivor to the lair. Unfortunately by the time he has found the lair, he is out of food and water, and the gnoll sentries spot him . . .

Perex is hanging with chum soldiers. He trains under Panos of Nellos, a mercenary captain working for the Chum army. He goes on a mission with Yeshu Zil (a noble youth) and they lead (on elephants) 100 men in an attack on a small fort where the lord of Owey is hiding. Perex chases the Lord all night and all day and finally captures him in the desert. The Lord, Marhal elqadey, is brought back to Chum in chains, but not before offering Perex a huge amount of money to arrange an escape.

Horatio goes wandering, visiting the sites of two large battles he fought in as a youth, before he was captured and enslaved by the Chum. He sees and hears ghosts at one site, and on his return to the city, he has a dream which leads him to the beach where he sees an angel. The angel speaks to him and Horatio returns to the group with divine powers, He says he now follows a mysterious sky goddess who lives in the stars.

Anazar leaves the group and makes contact with a few nasty characters from his youth. He spends a few weeks with a “dirty midget” who teachs him how to use poison and make alchemy bombs. He returns to the group with a satchel full of vials and bottles, and newfound magical skills.


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