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  • Amea

    She was born in Manada lands but captured and enslaved when she was 12. Since then she has been exploited and abused by several different masters of varying cruelty, mostly rich men on the island of Khusin. For some reason she will not tell, her last …

  • Tezim

    She grew up rough on the streets of Liharbo, where she was a petty criminal. She tried to pick Anazar's pocket in LiHarbo (session 3) Later, she turned up in Tedleesi (Session 12) where she got a job working in the Inn.

  • Aziki

    Aziki lived in Tedleesi, where he worked at the ropemakers shop. He was 22years old, brown skinned, good looking, with dreadlocks and muscles. He worked out a lot and was a ladies man. He liked hanging out on beaches and other places where he could take …

  • Himo

    He lives in a large farmhouse just north of Tedleesis and is often in town surrounded by half a dozen of his 'gardeners', men with rakes, wheelbarrows, and various sharp gardening implements who don't seem to do a lot of work on his garden.

  • Bahzetta

    Bahzetta is 21 years old and lived just outside of Tedleesi Her father worked for Himo until he was murdered ten years ago and recently her brother Alatik was part of Himo's gang too, until he was murdered by Odez. The party witnessed the death and this …

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