beach hunk


Aziki lived in Tedleesi, where he worked at the ropemakers shop.
He was 22years old, brown skinned, good looking, with dreadlocks and muscles. He worked out a lot and was a ladies man. He liked hanging out on beaches and other places where he could take his shirt off and meet the ladies. He seemed friendly, slightly dim, but harmless, and appeared to have a crush on Kimara. and Tezim.

The party asked him to lead them to Himo’s house. He freaked out a bit when Perex and Horatio started talking about robbing the house but Kimara and Inky calmed him down and asked him to go for a walk with them on the beach and show them the beach caves. He thought anything that involved walking on a beach with Kimara was a good idea but then he got scared again when they entered the caves, and discovered a cult temple. Kimara and Inky convinced him to join them in putting on black robes they had found. Then zombies appeared and Aziki ran away (still wearing the black robes). A drunken Perex, running to aid Kimara, mistook Aziki for a cultist and chopped him down in the tunnel outside the temple. After the battle Kimara tried to revive Aziki but he died in her arms.

Two days later, the party led a mob of townspeople and soldiers into the caves. They had already killed Odez, and Himo had fled. The only resistance they encountered was Aziki’s corpse which had been reanimated as a zombie and attacked them before being hacked to bits by Horatio and the soldiers.


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